THE GREAT YEAR: Year two: The notion that there are gods is not problematic, and the idea isn’t stupid. There are good reasons to believe in additional environments populated by society’s dominant over each other and us. The problems and stupidity come into play the moment our arrogance tells us we can climb to the top of the ladder and that we know what the gods want of us.

Atheists attempt to deny the existence of gods. However, in my opinion, atheists aren’t denying the existence of gods so much as they’re rejecting the arrogance of society in believing they’re capable of rising into god territory. Our arrogance has created bastardizations and cruel rules based on interpretations of what we, as humans, believe the gods want/expect from us.

In fact, knowledge about the gods could only improve if atheism were to become the dominant human doctrine of faith. And this is due to atheisms belief in science. Every great civilization in history was exceptionally scientific. It is only once society-at-large embraces an entirely false order from the gods that we see declines. When societies reject a scientific doctrine of faith (For example, a religion where stars and their various alignments hold significant religious value) and embrace bastardized doctrines of faith that profess to know the true instructions of the gods, decline is imminent. The imminence of such a decline can be long and frustrating for as I said earlier, the gods may not pay much attention to us, and time on their preferred plane of existence could be much different than ours. We are currently living in such a decline, and it has and will be long and frustrating. However, and this is my prerogative, I suspect that the gods check in on us at intervals which correspond with various alignments of the stars, and perhaps due to our still-primitive nature, or pure coincidence, a course correction has been necessary with each check. Enter comets.

This is why atheism will play an important part in the NEW WORLD ORDER, and because of this, the NEW WORLD ORDER is very much not in the best interest of established bastardized doctrines of faith. But their attempts at pushback are futile, because … comets.

I say atheism will play an important part because atheism will ignore the fact that there are gods — meaning that believers will more likely reject attempts by arrogant elements of society to once again bastardize the will of the gods. This is very important. As I said earlier, there are gods, but they exist outside our dimension. Furthermore, while they can enter our dimension, we are unable to effectively enter their dimension. Thus, we cannot hope to rise to their level. So it is best, at this point, to simply ignore the existence of gods, embrace our immediate reality, and work toward realizing a NEW WORLD ODER based on Benevolent Enslavement.

I believe that benevolent enslavement is possible, and has probably existed in previous manifestations of humanity. Isn’t a benevolent dictator a benevolent slave owner? Attempts have been made, in recent recorded history, at benevolent dictatorship, but due to how fractured our world is, how many differing, but all concocted, words of god there are, benevolence is difficult. Too many opposing forces exist.

However, after the course correction, the NEW WORLD ORDER, lead by atheists and the possessors of crucial knowledge (masons, etc.?), will emerge and try their hand at realizing humanity’s potential.

People don’t need much to achieve contentedness and happiness. They need shelter, food, medical care, safety, education, and most importantly, a feeling of self worth. Right now, it is impossible to provide those things to every single human. Our current inclinations toward title, status, bling, and word-of-god vs. word-of-god, prevent it. Simply put, too much time, energy, and resources are funneled into propping up myriad words-of-god that too much time, energy, and resources are unavailable for contentedness and happiness endeavors. Furthermore, our current form of capitalism and its profit-over-species mentality exacerbates social problems such as poverty, racism, and underclass struggle. A course correction will drastically reduce population; making the NEW WORLD ORDER vision more attainable.

Two trends happening right now will most certainly have a beneficial effect on society and ease the transition into the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The first is automation. While automation is currently only maximizing the profits of big corporations and putting people out of work, the medium- and long-term benefits are powerful. Currently, automation is only really being implemented in areas that provide the best value for investment. However, the economy of scale will result in further price reductions in key technologies making it cheap and easy to implement. Whether you agree or disagree with me, automation is here, and automation will expand.

The days of unskilled labour are soon over. Personally, I am doomed. What this doesn’t mean is the end of opportunity. Automation is here to stay, but its here to stay for large-scale manufacturing, agricultural, clerical etc. jobs. And what automation will do is disconnect people from certain sectors and nurture resurgence in handmade, high-quality, type jobs like carpentry, tailoring, etc. We see this building with CRAFT beer and other ARTISANAL products.

Nevertheless, automation WILL put a lot of people out of work, and an unemployed citizenry is quick to invoke the previously mentioned Mandate of Heaven. To combat such a desire, we now come to the second trend I feel will have a beneficial effect on society, and that trend is the idea floating around advocating a basic salary. A basic salary would be a set amount of money provided to citizenry regardless of employment status. There are plenty of competing ideas on how this would be implemented, but the idea is intriguing and could keep automation alive long enough to aid in setting up the NEW WORLD ORDER.

I can’t blame you for thinking I am utterly mad. I use this site to basically just document the weird stuff I think about while I do all my daily house husbandry tasks, and instead of filling all my idle time with YouTube and pulp fiction, I write a little before doing this and then come back again after completing that. But really, my ideas here are, for the most part, optimistic. There is so much doom and gloom these days, and our species is at a point where we must make serious collective decisions, and while I do think we are, at present, unable to make the correct decisions, I believe some kind of society-shattering course correction will eventually force humanity toward positive change. And I believe that once we collect ourselves, a NEW WORLD ORDER will emerge where people are freer to live life as they please knowing that key jobs have been automated and their basic needs have been met.

We cannot know what the NEW WORLD ORDER will be, of course, but I do believe that it will be a time when atheists, socialists, and possessors of sacred knowledge will emerge as a powerful ruling class and an era, hopefully long, of benevolent enslavement will govern us all.

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