THE GREAT YEAR: Year one: The precession of the equinoxes and the effect it has on the earth is something I have become more and more interested in. What interests me most is the idea that while the earth moves through the twelve constellations (Pieces, Aquarius, etc.) four ages (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron) are experienced.

I cling to the hope that the Great Year and its “ages” are true and that every ancient civilization (all of them!) weren’t just trolling us. Because, to quote Ovid’s description of an Iron Age, it sure does feel like society has embraced “snares and fraud, deceit and force and sacrilegious love of gain”.

Depending on whose math you believe, we are either leaving an Iron Age soon, or we’ve already left and we’re at the very early stages of a Golden Age. We’re also either soon leaving the Age of Pieces, or we’ve already bid farewell and welcomed the Age of Aquarius. To quote Ovid again, there certainly still is a lot of “foul impiety” these days so I’m siding with the folks who think we’re at the tail-end of an Iron Age.

It is hard to grasp how much work needs doing for humanity to unfuck itself. We’re destroying the environment; we’re killing each other; we’re dividing people along lines of race, class, sexuality, religion, neighborhood, alma mater, etc. Shit, I’m 100% positive there are individuals out there who look down on people who don’t shop at the same “class” of grocery store (A family member of mine “wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walmart”). When you think about it…it is insane how far we go as a species to promote and demote each other in our infinite number of cultures and sub-cultures.

I’m no spiritual mystic, and my life is virtually devoid of spirituality, but that’s my point. We have, in a little over 2,000 years replaced spirituality – which is free to do at any time in any place with material gain. For the most part, feeling good these days, both mentally and physically, is difficult without money.

For any future “Golden Age”, we as a species have our work cut out for us. And no matter how bad it is right now, many more must perish before we can even begin to improve the situation. It will be brutal. But a course correction is required if life on this planet is to continue. OK, that’s not entirely true. There will be organisms so gangsta that they learn to live off plastic and carbon monoxide, but homo sapiens aren’t that gangsta.

Moreover, I don’t even think I am being overly dramatic. Never mind, war, famine, and occupational hazards, what are the numbers when you just look at people dying because of bad air, water, and soil? It’s already pretty tragic (and trans-national), but how many more must die before we take our air, water, and soil seriously? I am not being sensational. Shit. Three kids overdose on Krokodil-laced-MDMA-laced-Meth at an “EDM” event and look at the response! Why isn’t that kind of “shit show, gong show, ape shit” reaction materializing with regard to social and environmental degradation? Well it’s mostly because it’s the kids of the upper echelon that attend EDM shows, but I digress.

The good news is something will eventually happen, but the bad news is that we won’t individually be alive to see it. It took less than a century to fuck the environment. It’s going to take at least two to unfuck it. I’d say more on the environment, but I’ve got a stomach parasite and my toilet isn’t macbook optimized.

I read a lot of what you might call crackpot shit, and while my irritable bowel syndrome prevents me from consuming InfoWars levels of crackpot, I do enjoy esoteric Helena Blavatsky school of Theosophy and the Christianity is just an astrological psilocybin cult a la Terence McKenna.

Admittedly, I do not consume InfoWars mostly because I am in favor of A NEW WORLD ORDER. But I will write more on that later. My daughter either has a fake stomachache or a real stomachache. I’m not yet sure which one. She probably just needs to poop.

Above, I stated, “the good news is something will eventually happen, but the bad news is that we won’t individually be alive to see it”. I argue that a NEW WORLD ORDER is exactly what we need and that this NEW WORLD ORDER won’t become a serious reality until we’re closer to the Age of Capricorn. And depending on whose math you agree with, the Age of Capricorn won’t start for another 2,000 years; just enough time for ‘age of Aquarius hair’ and ‘age of Aquarius fashion’ to disappear from search results. Simply put, the NEW WORLD ORDER cannot even begin until we have cast aside the numerous chains that currently bind us and choose to domesticate ourselves, collectively, to the reigns of new masters.

Please do not accuse me of advocating we all just give up and let future generations deal with our environmental problems. I am not trying to relinquish humanity of its responsibility to clean up the environment. What I am saying is that current efforts are far away from the kind of watershed momentum that is necessary to make substantial and lasting improvements. So much of what we currently do is quasi-environmental. And that’s ok. We’ve got to start somewhere. What I am saying is that a watershed momentum won’t occur until a brutal course correction is experienced; and this course correction will, without a doubt, be outside of our control. Furthermore, if what conspiracy theorists claim is true, then I am 100% in favor of this NEW WORLD ORDER being planned by sacred knowledge possessing secret societies in league with an “anti-Christ”.

In my vision of utopia, there are, at first, only 4 levels of The Greater Society. The first of the four initial levels is reserved for the Gods. They sit at the absolute top of the ladder and they manipulate us. I do not begin to know how many Gods there are. I can only assume that they also reproduce and die. Indeed it’s probable that the Gods live on an entirely different plane of existence; and while our plane of existence is obviously important to us, it could be rather insignificant to Gods who could possibly be the Gods of infinity planes of existence. The moment our arrogance tells us we can climb to the top of the ladder marks the beginning of the Golden Decline and begins the slow process of decay marked by transitions into Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages; at which point, a course correction is once again prescribed.

The second level of The Greater Society is the highest level any human can possibly hope to achieve. And hope to achieve is important, because humans do not choose to reach this level; they are appointed to this level by the Gods. They are appointed, provided guidance, and then encouraged to propagate that information to a wider audience. This level is reserved for what is more easily described as Christ and Anti-Christ figures. Again, while less of an impact is made, the moment our arrogance tells us we should be able to achieve the second highest-level without being promoted to it by the Gods marks the beginning of the beginning of the Golden Decline. Simply put, as the numbers of false prophets increase, the more diluted and bastardized the true message of the Gods becomes.

We can and should entirely resist our arrogance with regard to reaching the first and second levels of The Greater Society. We should understand them, and we should interact with them, but we should never hope to achieve equilibrium. The social equality humanity is destined to achieve during any Golden Age does not, and cannot, include equality with the Gods and their chosen representatives on earth.

The third and fourth levels of society are what will define the NEW WORLD ORDER. And I will discuss them more in my next post. I’ve got to fold laundry, scrub a toilet, and figure out what we’re having for dinner.


For a NEW WORLD ORDER to emerge, humanity must once again endure what I am describing as a course correction. This coming course correction won’t be the first experienced by humanity, and it certainly won’t be the last, but it is necessary, and it will come, like they always have, in the form of a comet.

While this may come across as cold-hearted and insensitive, at the macro level comets are a perfect method of course correction. The last time a large comet hit earth, the mega fauna of North America became extinct, and the entire Clovis community disappeared. Every single settlement on the planet living anywhere 150 feet above sea level found their cities and surrounding infrastructure under water in only a matter of days. We are talking about unimaginable death and destruction.

And that is exactly what this planet needs. Consider the Mandate of Heaven:

The Mandate of Heaven was a Chinese political and religious doctrine used to justify the rule of the emperor of China. According to this belief…. If a ruler was overthrown, this was interpreted as an indication that the ruler was unworthy, and had lost the mandate. It was also a common belief that natural disasters such as famine and flood were signs of heaven’s displeasure with the ruler, so there would often be revolts following major disasters as citizens saw these as signs that the Mandate of Heaven had been withdrawn. (Source)

“There would often be revolts following major disasters as citizens saw these as signs that the Mandate of Heaven had been withdrawn.” THIS coupled with extreme depopulation equals real fertile conditions for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Now it really isn’t as dire as I am making it out to be. Indeed, humanity will probably more than halve in size. The daily, monthly, yearly routines of each and every organism on the planet will have immediately changed. But it won’t be as dire as previous course corrections because we have inadvertently created a product that will preserve vast evidence of our existence. Plastic.

Gold was a good material for crafting things, but it’s valuable. If all of the world’s secrets were inscribed on a gold tablet, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’d be stolen and melted down for jewelry before ever being deciphered. It’s pretty much the same deal for any other precious metal. Glass lasts a long time, but glass is fragile. The best material our ancient ancestors had at their disposal in their efforts to preserve and hand down information was stone. Stone is amazing, but we have plastic. No one alive after the next comet will be without cup, bowl, knife and fork. Plastic will allow humanity to avoid total reset.

The NEW WORLD ORDER will begin to emerge as soon as the dust from the comet’s impact settles. I’ll expand on that more but you’ll have to wait. There’s some badass mildew in the shower that needs removing.

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