We have a door in the hallway that turns half of the apartment into a panic room. It’s rated to withstand fire from an AK-47 and when the locking mechanism is triggered, bolts slide and lock at multiple junctures on three sides. It’s solid. And it’s been the center of attention in many of the daydreams I inevitably daydream while I navigate the routine monotony of important yet mundane house husbandry tasks.

There is a certain paranoia that arises from simply having the door. That the door is even there increases the likelihood of a home invasion! And dealing with a home invasion is exactly what all my door daydreams are about. Except that in my daydreams I rise to the challenge like Liam Neeson and fight back!

Typically, there will be instances where I’ll need to retreat behind the door to regroup, but once plans have hatched, the door goes from being the provider of safety to the hinderer of vengeance!

In some daydreams, the neighborhood has been overrun with terrorists going door-to-door wreaking pillage and havocking. But my quick thinking resolves to make sure provisions are retrieved from the kitchen and cupboards. If we’re going to use the panic room, we’d better not need to leave. Of course, while we’re safe and cozy a quick look down to the street from our third-floor window proves not everyone is so lucky and it’s my job to save him…her…them. The door stopping evil from entering must open once again!

When you read all the Lee Child books and watch the entire A-Team television series from the 80’s you’ll understand where I’m coming from on this.

Anyway, door. Thanks.

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