THE BREAKS, THE BASS, THE AMBIENT: While I haven’t attempted to make music since 2001, I still enjoy the music I made during high school and university. For me, and probably only me, my tracks have stood the test of time. Not all of them, of course, but the tracks below are songs that I composed almost two decades ago, and I still think they’re fresh. I don’t go out of my way to listen to my music. They sit in an unknown number of duplicate folders and when I stumble across them I’ll give a few a listen and think ‘damn, those were the days.’ My expectations that you may also like them are realistic. And, if you take a fancy to any of them they’re downloadable.

RACISM, PREJUDICE, AND INTOLERANCE: Everyone is, to some degree, racist or prejudiced. The goal, of course, is to minimize the ill effects of racism and prejudice, but deep down, we are all disposed toward racism and prejudice. I will attempt brevity because I’ve got a bunch of stickers to scrape off the living room floor and since I don’t have a scraper, I’ll have to rely on my inner MacGyver to come up with a solution.

What I argue is threefold. First, everyone is racist. It’s a natural instinct, which, like a tumor, can be either benign or dangerous. Second, the zero-tolerance idea popular these days that rejects racism in its entirety exacerbates problems on race relations. Third, accepting that racism is natural will do significantly more to reduce the most negative of racisms effects.