THE JOURNEY BEGINS: I started taking myself way too seriously after writing my last post. Hah! I almost forgot that these tidbits aren’t meant to be overly serious. It is important to communicate thoughts outside your immediate family. Not being able to leads to domestic problems. It’s pretty common in places like this. A lot of drinking.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the expat life. It’s not the life for everyone, but it’s the life for me. I’ve been “away from home” since 2002, and I’ve never actually thought about moving “back home”. Well that’s not true. Now that I have a kid, the idea to move back to Toronto is floating around. I’m not entirely stoked, but more on that later. I’ve got a bedframe to move at some point before dinner prep.

In 2002, a friend of mine called me from Seoul and asked me if I would be interested in teaching ESL at the school he worked at. Seven days later I was on a plane bound for Incheon, and so began my expat journey.

THE GREAT YEAR: Year two: The notion that there are gods is not problematic, and the idea isn’t stupid. There are good reasons to believe in additional environments populated by society’s dominant over each other and us. The problems and stupidity come into play the moment our arrogance tells us we can climb to the top of the ladder and that we know what the gods want of us.

Atheists attempt to deny the existence of gods. However, in my opinion, atheists aren’t denying the existence of gods so much as they’re rejecting the arrogance of society in believing they’re capable of rising into god territory. Our arrogance has created bastardizations and cruel rules based on interpretations of what we, as humans, believe the gods want/expect from us.

THE GREAT YEAR: Year one: The precession of the equinoxes and the effect it has on the earth is something I have become more and more interested in. What interests me most is the idea that while the earth moves through the twelve constellations (Pieces, Aquarius, etc.) four ages (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron) are experienced.

I cling to the hope that the Great Year and its “ages” are true and that every ancient civilization (all of them!) weren’t just trolling us. Because, to quote Ovid’s description of an Iron Age, it sure does feel like society has embraced “snares and fraud, deceit and force and sacrilegious love of gain”.

Depending on whose math you believe, we are either leaving an Iron Age soon, or we’ve already left and we’re at the very early stages of a Golden Age. We’re also either soon leaving the Age of Pieces, or we’ve already bid farewell and welcomed the Age of Aquarius. To quote Ovid again, there certainly still is a lot of “foul impiety” these days so I’m siding with the folks who think we’re at the tail-end of an Iron Age.