I think it is retarded that people have so negatively portrayed Melania Trumps decision to remain in New York City. She should be celebrated for having the courage to make that decision. And that she could stand up to such a puerile man so guilty of misogyny is even more liberating.


Not once have I heard someone, in the media I read, write anything positive. The issue has always veered off into tabloid territory; questioning their love and trying to figure out how much extra this is costing the taxpayer. You know what else would cost a lot of taxpayer money? Reducing the gender pay gap, but you never see a lot of people portraying gender pay issues negatively, do you?


Hilary Clinton would have been the first female president of the United States. Is Melania Trump the first woman who didn’t drop everything and follow her husband to the white house? Imagine if Michelle Obama hadn’t moved into the white house? It would have been months of nonsense editorials about African American family values with lots of charts and big data.


Seriously. I don’t think that wanting your son to finish up his year at school is a bad excuse for staying where she is. Regardless of whether it is until Baron finishes his semester, grade, or completes that level of education at the school he’s at now, it was her choice to stay behind. In this supposed, ‘day and age’, I think her decision should be, at the very least, accepted.


I probably wouldn’t have come to this realization had I never become an expat househusband and stay-at-home-dad. As an expat, you tend to meet a lot of other expats. That’s just how it works. Most of the male expats I meet who have been stationed here are with their wives and kids. Most of the female expats I meet are single or they are here (with the kids) while their husband has remained ‘home’. I simply do not meet that many househusbands.


That said, I should note that there is a man in my building who is here with his kids while his wife remains ‘home’ for work. When I’d heard it through the nanny-vine I found it quite surprising. The click bait side of my brain suggested he may be divorced and the wife is out of the picture, but god damn it; it’s POSSIBLE that his version is truer. It is difficult to resist the powerful draw of sensationalism.

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Regardless of whether I agree or not with your assessment or your reasons for that assessment I would suggest your thinking that “she could stand up to such a puerile man so guilty of misogyny is even more liberating” is a little weak considering what she should really be doing is leaving such a man and, perhaps, taking him for all he is worth. The opportunity to be apart and to subsist off the American people’s taxes is more of a fortunate convenience and not particularly proactive.