It was a great day to start. I’m lying on my bed where I stare at the flash on the TV for hours, no doubt. It has been going on. Green. No. Green. No. Green. No. It just does it forever.


He woke up at last!


When he wakes up, he does a lot of things. I just do not know which way to make trouble. “Fuck, discomfort camp middle building”.


Sink scared me at the middle of his shave. Licking my ass. He was shaving. He got up he would soon be upstairs. Life is good.


As I imagined, he was upstairs. Did he groan at my tail and he wanted to play? Was he angry? I hate it when he does it.


Spiritual notes. Next time he does this when he fucks his forearm. Fool.


Following him in the hall, I became a bit with eucalyptus on the edge of the vase, I shook a few toys and put them around the tiles. I like to attack something that is really small. Only when they do not live. Afraid of ants I only play something like a claw … no life. I’m such a Ha ha.


Bored. Where is he? Downstairs. I’m coming fucking he jumps on the table He pushed me down. Under. Jump. Under. Jump. Success!


Spiritual notes. Bite him if he does not let me stay in the second jump.


For Garfield’s love, he will go upstairs. Run. Run. Run. Fucking vase. He is outside the restricted area. Will he come back?


The reconnaissance of the former northeast window provided the latest information on my best friend. Fire again bright. Correct. Bright. Red. Bright. Red. Fucking the smell of this color? Free of charge I want to go there badly.


He is back. Great. Good focus cannot be tangled in the curtains. Yes. Success.


Kitchen. Sniffing food mmm seafood flavor.


He is talking to the old lady. He went out for the restricted area.


Northeast window. He is entering a moving shiny box. Bird. Frame. Children across the street from the box. The box is gone. Does the child face him across the street?


Well, I’ll go old lady sniff in the kitchen. When no one is at home, she talks to me. But when someone was at home, she was not good to me. She liked it like that.

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