Frankly speaking I’m scared of missing out on the future. There is nothing I can do right now to postpone death enough to be worth a damn. I will certainly die within the next 60 years, and that sucks because I am pretty sure something really interesting is going to happen each and every year after I die. Missing out on all of that post-death interestingness really bums me out. I’m not happy with all the really interesting things that happen now. I’m selfish. And I believe so deeply in ‘the long-game’ that I just want to see it out. I want to know if we evolve into peaceable creatures living harmoniously with mother earth or whether we devolve into cannibal capitalists toiling effortfullly toward material gain and upward mobility at the expense of our neighbors and mother earth. Perhaps neither plotline plays out. A comet or meteor could reset the board thus beginning an all-new long game. I sound ridiculous. What isn’t ridiculous is the Bulgolgi I’m cooking for dinner. That shit will be to die for.

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