I’ve written about a number of needlessly controversial topics lately, so I’m going to try my hand at a topic that is fluffier; though still needlessly controversial.


I haven’t read everything Graham Hancock has written, but I am certainly in agreement with him when it comes to ancient advanced civilizations on planet earth. With all of the mounting evidence, it really is astonishing that most archaeologists still cling to the idea that we are, right now, the most technologically advanced society that has ever walked the earth.


Like Mr. Hancock, I don’t buy into the idea that extraterrestrials came to earth and mated with our distant relatives. Anything is technically possible, but I just don’t feel any kind of resonance with that line of thinking. I’ll hear people out and take a look at their arguments, but deep down inside I just don’t believe there is enough concrete evidence. That said, I do feel that this planet has gone through cycles of technological advancement and that advanced societies from the past were decimated by catastrophes of such immense scale that only the bush people, nomads, and agrarian serf types survived. I’ll be the first to admit that I would be extremely hard-pressed in a situation of unfathomable environmental catastrophe. And I am sure that the types of people who routinely live off the land can achieve a much higher rate of survival. If your primary source of nutrition is purchased with currency, no amount of Bear Grylls will prepare you for apocalypse.


Just imagine. You live in a nice coastal city in what would now be considered India. Your city has a bustling economy, the arts flourish, and the government is wise and noble. You go to sleep at night and when you wake up your city, renowned the world over, is hundreds of meters off the coast…under the Indian Ocean. A meteor of significant size barreled into the polar ice sheets that covered most of what we now call North America. Trillions of tonnes of melt water have poured into the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Your city is engulfed by water; water that would rise to depths never imagined… and never recede. Over night you will die and your city will vanish, only to be found thousands of years later by divers who struggle for plausible reasons for its location.


I will write more later, but there are suspicions of bedbugs in my daughter’s room, so for now, watch this:

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