I have, thus far, lived what I would characterize as an interesting life. Of course, my journey isn’t necessarily more or less interesting than yours, but it has been interesting enough for me to want to have an about page. And to be sure, much of what I find interesting about my own experience is similarly experienced by the vast majority. Interesting, not necessarily unique. LIFE is interesting but life is not entirely unique. Nevertheless, I lack philosophical eloquence so I will do my best to remain focused on information about myself and myself only.

The Khmer Rouge had this kind of psychological warfare where they would make groups of people collect in order to criticize themselves. Members of the group would take turns telling everyone else how they were failing at being model communists. It must have been terrifying. I criticize myself every single day, but to have to do it in front of a group no matter how irregularly would be so demoralizing and frightening. That your life depends on what you say just adds to how mentally crippling it must have been. I can’t imagine what it was like to go through those kinds of exercises.

I was born in Toronto. Went to catholic school because I liked wearing a uniform. I didn’t attend my high school graduation ceremony. With high school complete, I moved to Ottawa to attend and graduate university with a degree in Political Science. I didn’t attend my university graduation ceremony. With university complete I remained unemployed for about a month after finals. A friend of mine who had graduated a year earlier called me up from sunny Seoul and offered me a job teaching English in Korea. I figured, what the hell. And that’s when my journey into expatitude began. That was 2002.

I am always broke and i’m in debt. I’m not enthusiastic about social media anymore but I do have an instagram. I am a stay at home dad who is enjoying his first marriage and mildly enjoys helping to raise a daughter who is getting older real fast.

I used to take street photography seriously, but I never figured out how the 1% of street photographers actually made money from their craft so I said fuck it. If I didn’t have an adorable kid to take photos of I’d probably miss shooting street photography a lot more than I do now. That said, my photography is for sale over at Amazon.



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Not everyone is a go getter. Not everyone is gung ho. I’m one of those not everyone’s. I don’t like using the word lazy because I don’t feel like i’m wasting any of my time. Through the eyes of other people I probably am wasting time, but I just don’t give a fuck what other people’s eyes think. That’s a big reason why I liked going to catholic school. I didn’t have to put my financial status or knack for dressing a certain “style” on display each and every day of the school year. They could still, and did, judge people on their shoes, backpack, hell, even lunch quality, but having to wear a uniform reduced the number of things that would be judged. Every small nod to egalitarianism is, my humble opinion, worth it.

This age that celebrates celebrity and wealth will inevitably come to an end. Hopefully, an age of egalitarian tendencies rise up and correct so many of the easily correctable ills facing society. It saddens me that none of us today will experience that. I am not a religious man so the spectre of death frightens me as I don’t have any expectation of life after death. I want my tombstone to say SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE “SUCCESSFUL”.