Dayvmattt believes that he’s unique and different from the norm.

He perceives this difference as a gift, because he hates to think that he’s ordinary and common. But at the same time, his feelings of uniqueness are a curse which keeps him from enjoying the simpler things in life, the way other people do.

He tends to feel superior from everyone else, since he thinks he’s special. However, deep down inside, he feels that something is missing, and he fears that it might be caused by a flaw or defect in his own self.

He longs for deep connections in his relationships, to be understood and appreciated for who he truly is. For people to see and appreciate his uniqueness. Dayvmattt very easily feels misjudged and misunderstood.

He is a dreamer who dreams of what is lost or what is unattainable.

Incurable romantic, he has a tendency to fixate on what is missing. He often falls into dark moods. In a world that can be harsh and cruel, Dayvmattt tends to withdraw to his fantasy world. Life often disappoints. He expects too much of everything, and spends a lot of time longing for what he doesn’t have and what is not present in the moment.

He loves drama, and he will try and turn most situations into one.

He’s tried to share and profit from his fantasies through creative endeavors. Nothing has thus far “gone viral”.